Cotowali's comments are basically C-style.

Line comments

A line comment starts with // and ends with EOL.

// comment
echo('line comment') // comment

Block comments

A block comment is between /* and */. It can be multiline and nested.

/* comment */

/* multi
 * line
 * /* nested */
 * comment

echo(/* inline comment */ 'hello inline comment')

Documment comments

A line comment starts with /// is a document comment. It will remain in the output as comments.

/// doc comment (This will remain in the output)

// This will be removed

Mixed comments

Comments in a comment are part of comment text, except nested block comments.

This means that if a line comment contains /*, the comment will be terminate at EOL, and if a block comment contains //, it will terminate at */, not at EOL.

// /*
println('not a comment')
// */

/* // A line comment in block comment. */ println('not a comment')

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